Books of the Year

Over the course of a year, the books I’ve read reflect something of the ‘state of the union’ for me. Where I was emotionally and even physically. It’s clear I have easy access to Young Adult novels – I work in a school library. At the same time, there’s a run of books which will always remind me of Paris because I read them on my flights over and back (from Fuzzy Nation to 24 Hour Bookstore). But what I love the most is just how surprising the list becomes. A run of book club selections suddenly morphs into a jag of science fiction – and then takes a whiplash of a turn into a television tie-in. With a list like this, I’ll always know not just what I was doing or how old I was, but what I was thinking about, what inspired me, what worlds I was lost inside of. 



  1. The joy of seeing Ready Player One on this list! Few books have made me smile as much as that one. I’m reading his newest one right now, Armada. It’s not on the same level, but I’m enjoying it. Ironically, although it doesn’t take place inside a virtual world, it’s much more video game-y to me.


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