10 Times Zachary Levi Gave Us All the Feels

1. When he sang with the Sesame Street gang, and we all danced in the park. We were also jealous of Bert for the first time ever, but we’ve let that go. Mostly.

2. When he and his Chuck costar Josh Gomez broke into the Bill Murray version of “Star Wars” during an interview.

3. When he belted the duet “Terrified” with Katharine McPhee, and we all screamed, “What are you afraid of, Katharine? Eternal bliss?”

4. When he started Conversations for a Cause and Smiles for Smiles to benefit Operation Smile. It’s all about the heart (and the smiles).

5. When he solidified our belief that karaoke is life! If he’s got “Somethin’ to Talk About” on his machine, then we have a real party on our hands.

6. When he made us fall in love with the smolder of an animated character named Flynn Rider. Who’s got a lantern for me? Anyone?

Picture via fanpop
Picture via fanpop

7. When he showed his love for the nerds of the world by starting The Nerd Machine. Who knew we needed a tall strapping spokesperson? (I did. I knew.)

Picture via indiegogo
Picture via indiegogo

8. When his sister flew thousands of miles for the finale of his first Broadway show and posted this picture on Twitter. Sibling bonding, amiright?

9. When he didn’t sue Lady Brain Andria for accosting him. Ahem…

10. When he posted this to encourage everyone to keep fighting:

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