Who Ya Gonna Call?

Today we got our first full trailer for the new Ghostbusters film, complete with apparitions, the old firehouse, and a guest appearance by Slimer himself. What a glorious day, indeed! Here’s why I am so excited about the reboot:

1. Kate McKinnon
I submit that Kate McKinnon is quite possibly the funniest person alive. (I can’t speak for the dead, although I can only assume they are hilarious.) Remember the SNL sketch where she played the part of the woman who painted over the picture of Jesus? Or the woman who was abducted by aliens? Or the woman resigned to making out with Louis CK after everyone else has left the bar? Allow me to refresh your memory.

2. Nostalgia
I realize this version is set in present day, but doesn’t it bring back memories of Reebox high-tops and Saturday morning cartoons? Transport me back to the 80’s, and I am sold.

3. Chris Hemsworth
While the focus is rightfully on the awesomeness that is the four main stars, I can’t help but get excited to see Thor as a nerdy receptionist. I wonder if Loki will show up to rearrange his filing system (that diabolical frost giant!).

4. Proton Packs
I want, I neeeeed a proton pack! And a jumpsuit. But mostly a proton pack.

5. Cats and dogs…living together…mass hysteria!
If the reboot has lines half as quotable as this one, we’re all about to have a much juicier vocabulary.

See you at the theater!

One comment

  1. We are getting together and watching this. And then doing a blog post review. All of us. You know you want to.


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