Pop Culture Round-up 06/01

Here’s a round-up of my favorite pop culture happenings of the last week.

1. The Flash season finale
First, let’s take a moment for Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Someone give this guy an award for Best Man Tears. Good HEAVENS, he can cry. Though I am tempted to spoil the stew out of the finale, I shall refrain. Suffice it to say, there are many Barry Allen tears, and to top it all off, there is a moment of time-travel (my favorite thing ever) that means everything we have seen up until now is about the change. I submit The Flash is the best and riskiest show currently on television. Run, Barry, Run!

2. All the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” videos
Cities from all over the world have gotten in on the party, but I’m partial to this one because it’s my hometown of Memphis (and, okay, I may have helped with it a just smidge).

3. Chewbacca Mom
Truly, this woman had the best week ever. I mean. J. J. ABRAMS?!

4. Mary Poppins Returns
None other than the glorious Emily Blunt is starring in the Mary Poppins sequel. Though I do not-so-secretly wish Zachary Levi had been cast as her counterpart, I think we can all “settle” for Lin-Manuel Miranda.

5. Sebastian Stan
We all know the real reason Captain America: Civil War has rocked the box office. His name is Sebastian Stan, and he is the Winter Soldier (a.k.a. Bucky Barnes). When he’s not busy driving a wedge between the Avengers, apparently he enjoys hitting on Sharon Stone.

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