Meet the Lady Brains

Laura Bontrager

Laura Bontrager is a writer and library assistant living in Memphis. Her influences include Madeleine L’Engle, Mary Stewart, the poetry of Lucille Clifton, and – to every grammar teacher’s horror – William Faulkner. She has a passionate love for San Francisco baseball that almost rivals her love of writing.

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Laura’s Picks:

Best movie nobody else has seen: Barefoot in the Park – Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, and okay, I know lots of people have but they’re all my mom’s friends.

Best concert experience: It’s a tie, and I’m almost ashamed of it. First, I bought Garth Brooks tickets for my best friend in high school because she was a huge fan. I knew maybe three songs. But he put on a SHOW. It was awesome. He flew through the air. I kid you not. And that experience is tied with Arcade Fire at the Orpheum here in Memphis (I know; I know. I told you I’m ashamed). AF was brilliant and they caught me up, and I knew every song, and the audience participated, and I was so thrilled to be there. I love that feeling you get in your chest when the music thrums through your bones and takes up residence around your heart like a fist, forcing its rhythm into the rhythm of the music.

Makes your heart beat fast: Oh. Well. See above.

Where you find inspiration: First and foremost – books. But music, poetry, television, movies, even a Hallmark commercial. There is a story out there, being told, every moment.

Favorite websites: Fanfiction.netMonster at the End of This Book, San Francisco Giants

Candice Goff

Candice Goff is a designer and musician living in Memphis, TN. She is known for her elaborate hand-made costumes and her penchant to throw a party for the tiniest of occasions. She is a strong believer in dancing and baby goats.

Candice’s Picks:

Best movie nobody else has seen: “Big Night” starring the one, the only, Stanley Tucci. It’s a little story about an Italian family prepping for the arrival of Louis Prima at their restaurant. Nothing happens, and it’s perfect.

Best concert experience: Jamie Cullum at Minglewood Hall in Memphis. It is a small venue, and his concert was incredibly personal. He gave instruments to the audience to play, and he danced on the floor with us. Add that to his supreme talent, and you have something special.

Guilty pleasure: Superheroes! Although I don’t feel guilty about it at all. Arrow, the Flash, Batman… What’s not to like?

Best surprise received: An original short novel about me and Taylor Kitsch which he will NEVER read. It was commissioned by Lady Brain Andria and written by Lady Brain Laura.

Favorite Websites: The Pioneer Woman, Hello GigglesThinkGeek, Relevant, I Love Memphis